Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wind Chime Craft

Kidz Club Wooden Spoon Wind Chime

What You Need:
1) 8 or 9 Inch Grape Vine Wreath
2) 4- Long Handled Wooden Spoons
3)1- 8 Inch Piece Dowel
4) 4- 12 Inch Pieces of String
5) 4- 20 Inch Pieces of String
6) 1- 24 Inch Piece of String
7) Hot Glue Gun (Parents Use)
8) Acrylic Paint

What To Do:
1) Paint the wooden spoons and let dry
2) Take and attach 1- 12 inch string to the end of a wooden spoon and then attach to the grape vine wreath.
3) Repeat step two for all 4 wooden spoons spacing them evenly around the grape vine wreath
4) Take the 24 inch long string and attach to one end of the dowel. This goes in the middle when you gather the 20 inch pieces up to form a hanger.
5) Take the 20 Inch pieces of string and attach them evenly spaced around the grape vine wreath.
6) Gather the 20 inch pieces of string up to the middle along with the 24 inch piece and tie them in a knot to form a hanger. The dowel will hang down in the middle of the wreath.
7) Take and hot glue each place that you knotted so that the knots do not come undone.
8) Hang up

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