Friday, July 13, 2012

Bird Feeder Craft

What you need:
1) 8 or 9 Inch Grape Vine Wreath
2) 8 Inch Clear Saucer
3) 4 Pieces Of String
4) Beads
5) Low Temp Hot Glue (Parent Use Only) 

What to do:
1) Space the 4 pieces of string evenly around the grape vine wreath
2) Bead the strings (52 beads work well on each strand). To prevent beads from strands from falling off while working on other strands tie a loose knot at the top 
3) Once done bring all strands up to center and knot
4) Place clear saucer in the center. Sometimes clear saucer fits easily into center but not all grapevine wreaths are made alike. If need to hot glue saucer onto wreath. 
5) Hang up 

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