Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Pine Cone Craft

What you need:
  • Large Pine Cone
  • Feathers
  • Glue
  • Colored Foam Paper
  • Felt
  • Google Eyes

What to do:

  1. Place pine cone on side
  2. Front end is where the head goes and the back end is where the feathers go
  3. Use as many feathers as you want sticking up in back
  4. Cut a foam head out and place the google eyes on either side of it
  5. Cut feet out of felt and place on bottom of pine cone

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Popsicle Stick Planter

Popsicle Stick Planter
What you need:
  1. Popsicle Sticks
  2. Glue
  3. Soil
  4. Pansy

What to do:
  1. First take and lay two Popsicle Sticks and lay them so that one end is facing you and the other end is facing away from you and that they are a Popsicle Stick Length apart
  2. Take and put glue all along the top flat surface of both Popsicle sticks.
  3. Take and making a base you want to put a Popsicle stick so it is on top of the two other Popsicle sticks but make it as close to the ends as possible.
  4. What your going to do is line up Popsicle sticks along the top of the two Popsicle sticks so they form a base. Look at picture above.
  5. When that is done you will start building the walls by taking and going putting one Popsicle stick on the edge of the base on either side and then going on another layer the opposite direction. Look at picture above.
  6. You want to go high enough that you can fit a plant into the planter.
  7. After done let dry.
  8. Then take and place some soil in bottom of planter, add your plant and then place more soil around the sides of the plant.
  9. Water on a trickle every couple of days.
  10. If using a pansy place in full sun.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Butterfly Mobile Craft

What you need:
  • 4 Coffee Filters
  • 4 Clothes Pins
  • Clothes Hanger
  • Fishing Line
  • Markers
  • Water
What to do:
  • Take and color all four coffee filters with marker
  • Spray the coffee filters with water and let dry
  • Once dry pinch in the middle and place into clothes pins
  • Take and tie fishing line through clothes pin and tie to hanger in four different spots
  • Using the hook for the hanger hang right side up

Monday, July 13, 2009

Grass Head Craft

Grass Heads
What you need:
1. Bottom Foot Part Of Nylons
2. Grass Seed
3. Potting Soil
4. Google Eyes
5. Other Decorations
6. Bowl
7. Water

What to do:
1. Take and put 2 handfuls of grass seed inside nylon
2. Fill nylon with potting soil making a ball
3. Tie off the end of the nylon with a knot after done filling
4. Grass seed side is up and the tied end is down
5. Decorate with google eyes and other decorations
6. Place in a shallow bowl
7. Water once a day or when dry and place in a sunny window
8. Grass will sprout in 7-10 days

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones:

What you need:

1. Stepping Stone frame which can be bought at Hobby Lobby or Michaels
2. Quikrette Vinyl Concrete Patcher 40 lb bag
3. Cardboard
4. Water
5. Stepping Stone letters which can be bought at Hobby Lobby or Michaels
6. Mosaic tiles
7. Something to mix concrete in
8. Rubber gloves
9. Flat surface outside

What to do:
1. Have parents take and mix concrete with water. Concrete should be thick enough that it does not stick to sides of container easily. Do not make to watery or the stepping stone will take extra long to dry.
2. Place the stepping stone form onto the cardboard.
3. Scoop concrete into the form using a cup or old cottage cheese containers work well.
4. Level the concrete in the form. Leave form on while putting letters on and mosaic tiles.
5. Let sit for a couple minutes.
6. If you have letters that you want to use in the concrete get them ready while you let the concrete set for a few minutes.
7. Place the stepping stone letters onto the concrete and push down on them. Pull out and it will leave the letter.
8. If you mess up take and flatten out surface of concrete and do again.
9. Place mosaic tiles in the concrete.
10. When done pull form off. Do not move stepping stone for a few hours.
11. Let stepping stone dry for 48 hours.
12. If outside cover with plastic garbage bag to keep moisture in.
13. After 48 hours can remove from the cardboard and put outside.