Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pilgrim Hat Planter

Pilgrim Hat Planter
What to do:
  • 4 Inch Clay Pot
  • Black Paint
  • Yellow Foam Paper
  • Black Foam Paper
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Foam Cereal Bowl 
  • Glue
What to do: 
  • First paint the clay pot black and let dry
  • Then take and use the foam cereal bowl as a template to make your circle for the brim
  • Cut the circle out and make a slit in the center where you insert the flowers at
  • Cut a buckle out of the yellow foam paper. My measurements were 5 cm width x 4 cm length
  • Then cut a center out of the buckle 
  • Glue buckle to pot and let dry
  • Glue Black circle to brim of pot and let dry
  • Insert fake flowers

Wind Dancer Craft

What you need:
  • Foam Craft Paper
  • Staples
  • Disposable Plastic Table Cloth
  • Foam Stickers 
  • Glue
  • Hole Punch & String 
What to do:
  • Take the foam craft paper and create a  tube from it
  • Staple the tube
  • Let kids decorate with foam stickers
  • Take plastic table cloth and cut into strips
  • Attach by stapling or gluing 
  • Hole punch the foam craft paper in 4 locations and take and attach string to make the hanger

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wind Chime Craft

Kidz Club Wooden Spoon Wind Chime

What You Need:
1) 8 or 9 Inch Grape Vine Wreath
2) 4- Long Handled Wooden Spoons
3)1- 8 Inch Piece Dowel
4) 4- 12 Inch Pieces of String
5) 4- 20 Inch Pieces of String
6) 1- 24 Inch Piece of String
7) Hot Glue Gun (Parents Use)
8) Acrylic Paint

What To Do:
1) Paint the wooden spoons and let dry
2) Take and attach 1- 12 inch string to the end of a wooden spoon and then attach to the grape vine wreath.
3) Repeat step two for all 4 wooden spoons spacing them evenly around the grape vine wreath
4) Take the 24 inch long string and attach to one end of the dowel. This goes in the middle when you gather the 20 inch pieces up to form a hanger.
5) Take the 20 Inch pieces of string and attach them evenly spaced around the grape vine wreath.
6) Gather the 20 inch pieces of string up to the middle along with the 24 inch piece and tie them in a knot to form a hanger. The dowel will hang down in the middle of the wreath.
7) Take and hot glue each place that you knotted so that the knots do not come undone.
8) Hang up

Friday, July 13, 2012

Bird Feeder Craft

What you need:
1) 8 or 9 Inch Grape Vine Wreath
2) 8 Inch Clear Saucer
3) 4 Pieces Of String
4) Beads
5) Low Temp Hot Glue (Parent Use Only) 

What to do:
1) Space the 4 pieces of string evenly around the grape vine wreath
2) Bead the strings (52 beads work well on each strand). To prevent beads from strands from falling off while working on other strands tie a loose knot at the top 
3) Once done bring all strands up to center and knot
4) Place clear saucer in the center. Sometimes clear saucer fits easily into center but not all grapevine wreaths are made alike. If need to hot glue saucer onto wreath. 
5) Hang up 

Fairy House

What you need:
* Small Birdhouse (Found at Michaels)
* Paint
* Glitter
* Moss
* Pine Mini Nuggets Mulch (Handful)

What to do: 
* Decorate birdhouse

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kidz Club Garden

Easter Wreath

What you need:
1) Colored Paper
2) Foam circle
3) Foam Easter Stickers

How to make:
1) Trace hand prints onto colored paper and cut out
2) Glue to foam circle
3) Add decorations
4) Hand with string

Very Hairy Caterpillar

What You Need:
1) Knee high nylon
2) Potting Soil
3) Grass Seed
4) Google eyes
5) Colored hair bands
6) Pipe Cleaners

How To Make:
1) Put handful of grass into toe of nylon, then one handful soil (repeat steps until nylon full)
2) Tie off end of nylon
3) Section off nylon into segments with rubber bands
4) Glue on eyes
5) Use pipe cleaners to make antennae
6) Water & keep in sunny window
7) Will need to keep soil moist but not sopping wet for grass seed to grow

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Noodle Ornament

What you need:

* Cardboard
* Glue
* Noodles
* String
* Acrylic Paint

What to do:

* Cut out a design out of the cardboard
* Have parents punch a hole at the top or hot glue string on
* Glue noodles to card board on one side and let dry
* Paint the noodles different colors
* Hang on Christmas Tree