Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fairy Garden

What you need:
Shallow Container (saucer or flat dish)
Succulent flowers (flowers that stay small)
Small saucer/bowl for a pond
Craft supplies or your hearts desire for decorations

Fill container will soil and plant flowers. Arrange saucer for pond. Place sticks/rocks or decorations as you wish. Watch the fairy's come and play!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Critter Flower Pot

What you need:
3 inch clay pot -Soil
Giggly Eyes -Glue
PomPoms -Pipe Cleaners
Pansy, or your choice of flowers

Place soil in pot, plant flower. Glue on eyes and pompom (nose). Bend Pipe cleaner in half, glue a pompom ball on each end for feet. Place bent pipe cleaner in hole of bottom of pot.

Easter Basket Craft

What you need:
Plastic Easter basket with handle
Pansy or any choice of flowers
Easter decorations and Easter grass

Fill basket with soil and add plants. Use Easter grass to cover soil. Finish with Easter decorations.