Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Owl Paper Bag Puppet Craft

Owl Paper Bag Puppet Craft

What You Need:
1. Paper Bag
2. Leaves
3. Glue
4. Google Eyes
5. Foam Paper
6. Chenille Stems

What To Do:
1. Take and cut out a triangle for head and clue onto bag
2. Take and cut a triangle for a beak and glue on
3. Cut a oval for belly and glue on
4. Pick out leaves for wings and glue on
5. Cut chenille stems for feet
6. Add google eyes

Mummy Jar

What you need:
1. Empty Baby Food Jar
2. White Acrylic Paint
3. Glue
4. Google Eyes
5. Gauze

What to do:
1. Take lid off of baby food jar and paint white - set aside and let dry
2. Cut a small piece of gauze
3. Put glue all over baby jar including bottom
4. Wrap gauze around baby jar
5. Glue on eyes and replace lid

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