Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Owl Paper Bag Puppet Craft

Owl Paper Bag Puppet Craft

What You Need:
1. Paper Bag
2. Leaves
3. Glue
4. Google Eyes
5. Foam Paper
6. Chenille Stems

What To Do:
1. Take and cut out a triangle for head and clue onto bag
2. Take and cut a triangle for a beak and glue on
3. Cut a oval for belly and glue on
4. Pick out leaves for wings and glue on
5. Cut chenille stems for feet
6. Add google eyes

Mummy Jar

What you need:
1. Empty Baby Food Jar
2. White Acrylic Paint
3. Glue
4. Google Eyes
5. Gauze

What to do:
1. Take lid off of baby food jar and paint white - set aside and let dry
2. Cut a small piece of gauze
3. Put glue all over baby jar including bottom
4. Wrap gauze around baby jar
5. Glue on eyes and replace lid

Costume Contest Winners

Monday, August 19, 2013

Picture Flower Bouquet Craft

What you need:
1. Clay Pot
2. Acrylic Paint
3. Foam Paper
4. Large Popsicle Sticks
5. Pictures
6. Floral Foam
7. Easter Grass

What To Do:
1. Take and cut flowers out of the foam paper
2. Glue to top of popsicle sticks
3. Cut out pictures and glue to center of flowers
4. Paint clay pot and let dry
5. Stick floral foam into clay pot
6. Stick popsicle sticks into floral foam
7. Take a little bit of Easter grass to cover floral foam

Monday, July 8, 2013

Celebrating 10 Years

The Kidz Club is celebrating 10 years this year. Check out all the fun we have had throughout them years in this Youtube video.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Decoupage A Pot

Decoupage A Pot

What you need:
  • Clay Pot
  • Tissue Paper
  • Modge Podge Sealer Spray
  • Glue
  • Water
  • Paint Brush
What to do:
  • Mix water and glue in a cup 
  • Take tissue paper and place against clay pot. Use paint brush and paint over tissue paper using the water glue mixture. Make sure tissue paper is saturated, but do not push to hard as it will tear easily.
  • Tissue paper the whole clay pot (avoid bottom and inside of pot)
  • Let dry completely
  • Spray Modge Podge Sealer spray all over pot and then let dry.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Boot Planter

Boot Planter

1. Ceramic Boot (Gotten from
2. Acrylic Paint
3. Soil
4. Plant

What to do:
1. Paint boot with acrylic paint and let dry
2. Place some soil into boot then place plant and fill in with soil

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How To Make Terrarium

Terrarium Craft:
What you need:
1. Glass bowl - Found at any dollar store or craft store.
2. Charcoal
3. Angel Moss
4. Potting Soil
5. Small rocks or broken pottery pieces
6. Small plant
7. Decorative Rocks or Sand
8. Small plastic animals

What to do:
1. In empty terrarium place the broken pieces of pottery or small rocks in a single layer on bottom. This allows plant to not get water logged. 
2. Place charcoal in a layer along with wet angel moss
3. Add plant along with potting soil
4. Top layer is decorative rock or sand
5. Then add decorations.           

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Easter Rabbit Ears

What you need: 
1. Foam Paper
2. Long Thick Pipe Cleaner
3. Stapler
4. Foam Stickers

What to do:
1. Take the foam paper and length wise measure up 1 1/2 inches and cut a strip to make a head band for the head.
2. Cut out ears and attach with stapler to the head band
3. Take one long pipe cleaner and cut in half and attach to either side of the head band with a stapler. Makes it so that the head band is adjustable to any head.
4. Decorate with foam stickers