Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Pot Sitter

What you need:
*Small Clay Pot
*Fresh Greens
*Ribbon For Bow
*Floral Oasis For In Pot
*Floral Wire
*Foil (or Aluminum foil)
*Fake berries & other shiny materials

What to do:
* Cut small piece of oasis big enough to fit into the clay pot and soak in water. Wrap with foil or put aluminum foil around it
* Place piece of oasis into pot. Then taking a pencil or something with a point poke holes into the top of the oasis.
* Take the greens and shove them into the oasis in the holes you just made. Fill pot with different greens.
* Take and make a small bow with ribbon and to attach the bow to the clay pot wrap with wire and stick into the pot.
* Can also use fake berries and other decorations to add color to the pot

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