Sunday, November 14, 2010

Turkey Craft

What you need:
* Large Pine Cone
* 3 1/2" Clay Pot
* Orange Foam Paper
* Brown Foam Paper
* Red Foam Paper
* Yellow Foam Paper
* Black Felt
* Feathers
* Google Eyes
* Cup

What to do:
1. Take and place pine cone into clay pot so that point side of pine cone is facing up towards the sky like a Christmas tree.
2. Take the brown foam paper and place a cup upside down and use as a stencil to make a round circle for the head of the turkey.
3. Use the orange foam paper to make a triangle for the beak and also to make two feet
4. Use the red foam paper to make a waddle for the turkey.
5. Cut out a hat with the black felt
6. Glue the eyes, nose, waddle and hat to the brown head
7. Set the head aside
8. Take and glue the two foam feet to the bottom of the pot so that the feet are sticking out a little bit from under the pot
9. Take and with the yellow foam cut out two wings
10. Glue the yellow wings to the side of the pine cone
11. Take and glue the feathers on the back of the pine cone
12. Take and after letting dry a little bit, glue the head onto the pine cone
13. Let everything dry

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