Monday, April 4, 2011

March Puppet Craft

What you need:
* Sock
* Piece of cardboard
* Scissors
* Hot Glue Gun (Parents use only)
* Google Eyes
* Fabric
* Other decorations

What to do:
* Cut the toe out of the sock a half inch in
* Cut a oval out of the cardboard. Cereal boxes work well for this
* Stick the oval into the sock all the way to the tip cut out area, making sure that the heal is facing toward the ceiling
* Fold oval in half like a mouth and then have parents hot glue edges of the sock to the oval.
* Pick out the decorations you want to use for your puppet.
* Use cloth for clothes, Pipe cleaners for antennae, fabric for tongues, and foam pieces for making teeth or spines. Use imagination to design what ever you want to do.

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